Membership Information

2014 Membership Information

HOPS EMS is proud to report that our membership rates remain the same as when the organization was founded in 1976!

Following are the 2014 Rates:

Family $10.00
Family with Guest* $12.00
Single $5.00
Single with Guest $7.00

Please make checks payable to and include the information on the form below:

HOPS Ambulance Association
c/o James Seipler
606 Ridge Road
Rome, PA 18837

QUESTIONS: (570) 247-7793

*A guest is an occasional visitor, not a permanent resident. All residents 18 years or older must have individual memberships (excluding full time students). Unmarried household members must have separate memberships. If a member has dependent children, they must have a family membership.

Please note: Membership applies to HOPS services only. Any services provided by paramedics (Memorial EMS, Greater Valley EMS, Western EMS) or other practitioners such as other local ambulance agencies are billed separately. Your membership means that you will not be held responsible for emergency transport above and beyond your insurance reimbursement. You will be held responsible for any insurance payments for ambulance services not forwarded to the agency.

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